Updated 7 June 2021

The graphs below have averages based on my data from the past 10 years.


2021 is already 44mm below average but not starting as low as 2020. NIWA predicts average rainfall for the March to May period for the eastern South Island.

As at the end of May 2021, the total has been helped along by 127mm falling in May with 101.6mm falling in 3 days at the end of the month. The NIWA seasonal climate outlook from June and August expects normal rainfall and above average temperatures for the eastern South Island.
yearly rainfall HoonHay 2018 2021 Temperature

This graph shows just how warm January 2018 and 2019, were. Now added November 2019 as warm as an average December. 2021 has started out with close to average temperatures. NIWA predicts above average temperatures for the May to July period.

May 2021 was close to average temperature despite setting a new May maximum temperature record for my station of 25.9C.

Average temperature HoonHay 2018 2021

Wind Run

This graph show how windy each month and year was. Usually December is the windiest month.
December was the windiest month for 2019, March 2020 was windier than the previous 4 years. 2014 was the last windy March with a wind run of 5010km. June and July 2020 more windy than recent years. 2020 ended with 101% of average wind run. The windiest year of the past 10 years is 2010 with 105.3% or an increase of 2288km on the 2020 total.
March 2021 had the lowest wind run of any March in my records with 3662km and the graph below shows it being near the April average of 3617km. 
May 2021 was the windiest since 2010.

Monthly windrun HoonHay 2018 2021