Updated 9 December 2018

The graphs below have averages based on my data from 2000 to 2016. 


This graph shows 2014 and 2017 had above average rainfall. 2015 and 2016 have had below average rainfall. With May having below average rainfall, 2018 total now creeping up and could end the highest in the series.

yearly rainfall HoonHay 2014 2018



This graph shows just how warm February 2016, December 2017 and January 2018, were. March 2018 was the warmest March in my 19 years of records.
November and December 2017 are the warmest I've recorded in 18 years of records. July 2018 was the 3rd warmest I've recorded and the warmest in this collection. September is the coolest for the past 2 years.November 2018 ends the warming trend seen over the past 3 years.

Average temperature HoonHay 2015 2018

Wind Run

This graph show how windy each month and year was. Usually December is the windiest month. January 2017 stands out as the windiest month in the past 3 years. November 2017 was the least windy November I've recorded in 18 years of records. Dec 2017 more windy than the past 2 years. The past 3 Mays have had decreasing wind run. Hear average wind run for July 2018. Below average wind run for September and the lowest of the 5 years displayed here. November 2018 wind run reverses the falling trend over the past 3 years but is still below average.

Average windrun HoonHay 2014 2018