2011 Yearly Summary
Mean 11.7 C
Mean Maximum 16.9 C
Mean Minimum 7.1 C
Maximum High 36.4 C (6th Feb)
Maximum Low 19.2 C (6th Feb)
Minimum High 2.6 C (25th July)
Minimum Low -4.0 C (26th July)
Wind Speed and Direction
Maximum Gust 61 km/h (19th Oct)
Mean 6.5 km/h
Wind Run 53490 km
Max Daily Windrun 440 km (19th Oct)
Prevailing Direction East Nth East
Maximum 1036.2 hPa (2nd June)
Minimum 973.7 hPa (12th July)
Mean 1012.2 hPa
Max Daily Change +30.8 hPa (19th Jan)
Days with Measured Rainfall
(Greater than 0.2mm)
Max Daily Rainfall 57.5 mm (19th Oct)
Yearly Rainfall 637.0 mm
Maximum 100 % (Several Days)
Minimum 21 % (15th Jan)