March 2000 Summary
Mean Maximum
Mean Minimum 8.3C
Maximum High
Maximum Low
Minimum High
Minimum Low
Days with Measured Rainfall
Max Daily Rainfall
37.7 mm
Monthly Rainfall
50.9 mm

March Min. Temp Max. Temp Avg. Temp Rain Casual Observations
1 11.0 18.4 14.1 nil A N to NE breeze in the morning turning to a gusty wind in the afternoon and evening. Cloud in the morning clearing in the afternoon.
2 6.3 21.9 14.1 nil A bit of fog in the morning soon cleared. Light NE breezes. Mainly sunny.
3 11.7 18.6 15.0 nil A sunny day with light to moderate NE breezes
4 14.1 28.9 19.3 nil A sunny morning with a NE breeze that died down during the day. Clear skies and warm temperatures in autumn making up for some dismal summer days. Southerly change in the evening bringing a welcome cooler breeze.
5 nil No records today as I have had some technical problems. The day was warm and sunny with a southerly breeze in the morning turning to NE in the afternoon.
6 12.5 28.9 16.4 nil A cloudy start to the day with a N breeze turning to NW and then to the south cooling the afternoon.
7 9.4 14.3 11.8 nil A cloudy cool day with a southerly breeze. A trace of drizzle when cycling to work this morning.
8 5.1 17.2 12.0 nil A cool start but a sunny clear day with NE breezes.
9 6.6 19.0 12.7 nil A sunny clear day with light NE breezes
10 5.9 20.8 12.9 nil A mainly sunny day with some afternoon patches of cloud. Southerly breezes in the morning, NE breezes in the afternoon.
11 12.5 18.9 15.0 nil A gusty NE wind for most of the day with high cloud obscuring the sun.
12 10.2 29.3 18.0 1 A near calm, mainly clear morning with a with the temperature rising to the hottest recorded this month. Cloud increased alter in the afternoon as a cold front and southerly change approached with some rain at 19:00 &22:00.
13 7.3 14.3 11.3 37.7 Rain all day with cool temperatures. Wind changing from NE in the morning sound to the South by mid afternoon. The first cool blast for the coming winter.
14 5.4 14.9 8.9 1.7 A cloudy and damp start to the day but the cloud cleared for a mainly sunny afternoon.
15 4.8 17.0 10.8 nil The coldest morning for the month. A mainly sunny day with cloud in the afternoon. Light breezes
16 7.3 17.1 11.9 trace Low cloud and some drizzle while cycling to work this morning. Cloud cleared in the afternoon for a sunny and calm end to the day.
17 6.3 17.1 11.5 nil A partly cloudy start to the day with calm conditions. Two hot air balloons over the city didn't seem to be moving. The cloud cleared during the afternoon to a clear sunny day. A moderate NE breeze in the afternoon.
18 10.2 17.5 14.0 nil A gusty NE wind for most of the day. Cloud cleared mid morning to leave a sunny day by feeling cool in the brisk wind.
19 12.3 30.6 18.9 nil A 'nor'west arch' of cloud in the morning was indicative of possible warm winds later in the day. The cloud soon dissipated leaving clear skies and a warm N to NW wind.
20 12.2 17.9 14.4 nil A breezy north-easterly this morning with cloud that broke a little during the day. A nor'west arch of cloud covered the sky in the evening but there was a light breeze from the NE in town.
21 5.6 20.4 13.7 6 A NW wind and warm temperatures in the morning were replaced around 10am with a cold southerly change. A light shower in the afternoon. More rain later in the evening.
22 4.5 14.3 8.4 4.5 A wet cool morning but the rain and cloud cleared early afternoon. Sunny but cool in the southerly breeze.
23 2.5 16.2 9.7 nil The coldest temperature recorded so far this year. A sunny day with a cool NE breeze later in the day.
24 8.7 16.9 13.2 nil Some sun but mostly broken cloud during the day. A NE breeze.
25 6.3 16.7 11.6 nil Very little breeze. Variable cloud covering the city and Banks Peninsular.
26 9.6 15.8 12.2 nil A mostly sunny day with a cool NE wind, gusty at times.
27 8.9 17.2 12.9 nil Cloudy morning and evening but sunny during most of the day. A light to moderate NE breeze during the day.
28 11.4 15.5 12.9 nil
Cloud mainly cleared in the afternoon but returned in the evening. The NE wind made the afternoon feel quite cool.
29 9.3 18.5 13.7 trace A mainly sunny day with light breezes. Cloudy in the evening with some rain forecast.
30 10.1 19.2 13.8 trace A trace of rain overnight and in the morning. A gusty southerly came up about 07:00 and the temperature dropped. This eased off and turned around to the NE later in the afternoon. A mostly sunny afternoon.
31 10.0 17.9 13.6 nil A sunny Autumn day. Light northerly breezes in the morning, a gusty NE wind in the afternoon with increasing high cloud.

March 2000 Temperature Graph
March 2000 Rainfall graph